A committed company

Le Voyage en Panier works to “validate, understand, and respect the savoir-faire of the world’s artisans, and to ensure their prosperity,” while providing them with logistical aid on the ground by monitoring working conditions during multiple travels.  The aim of Le Voyage en Panier is to remain on a human scale, close to its artisans and its partners.

Most of the materials used by Le Voyage en Panier are 100% natural and undergo no chemical treatment.  The materials come from different continents (North and West Africa, Madagascar, India, and China) and natural plants (wheat straw, raffia, reeds, leather, cotton, etc).  The weaving of the handbags, based on traditional knowledge, is done by artisans in workshops, according to the customs of their countries.


All of the models are guaranteed to be handmade.  Choosing a handbag with the Le Voyage en Panier label means you can be sure of a responsible purchase and a unique item.